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We found each other on We liked each other’s profile as the pictures were impressive and also our interests were same. As his video was too good I sent him interest and he accepted it on the very same day. And our journey started here and we are happily married now. We crossed the cultural differences and also happily accepted by the families. Thanks Nodowryshaadi. 


Kritii's profile was recommended to me by team based on my details. After going through details of her profile, I really thought and believed that she could be the right person for me. I sent her the request that she accepted. We started sharing our views on call, messages and chat. After talking with her for a couple of months, we realized that we are made for each other. Finally we decided to get married. 

Thankyou Nodowryshaadi for this great concept about No Dowry because of this, it is clear that no one is going to ask or expect dowry. We are one family and I think everyone should think like this. 


We found each other on on 19th January. We started chatting on Whatsapp and decided to meet on Sunday as we live in same city. Then we had conversation at Cafe in Dwarka where we spent good time. Our families decided to meet at one commom place. I met his whole family and they were really sweet. We felt great.  He is a perfect match for me. We both are fun loving people. Thank you We are blessed to be with each other. 

 Glad you stopped by and took time out to read our story. We hope you find your match for life. :)


Thank you Nodowryshaadi for helping me in finding the suitable boy for my only daughter. She is My life and I thought it would be very difficult to find perfect partner as per my expectations and her choice.  I am thankful to this matrimony site which helped me in finding the right person who is well educated, decent and just perfect for my daughter.

Thank You so much. 

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